The prologue was a fairly formal affair of an out and back course of only a kilometre in length. I came in 61st with a time of 1:20:790 and the winners time was 1:15. This shows you just how close everything is here. Apart from the starter counting down for me in German there was only one very small glitch. About five minutes before I was scheduled to race my tyre punctured, but it was quickly fixed and I was able to race.

However yesterdays stage was not as good. It was 30 laps of a tight twisting circuit, in other words a fast (26.5mph average) criterium. Not my kind of race. The thing that i should explain is that it is not a smooth 26.5 mph average, which most average riders could hold, but it is in fact holding 26.5 then decelerating to about 23 into a 90 degree bend on pave, then sprinting out of the corner reaching speeds of up tp 35mph then decelerating for the next corner and sprinting out of it again. In total we had to do this a total of 4 times each lap which makes 150 sprints. I came in 57th but was broom wagoned (lapped) at 7 laps to go. I had punctured and had a lap out which spoilt my rhythm and I am only a first year junior. Despite all of these excuses I still feel that I should have ridden better. The broom wagon process adds a five minute penalty to my overall time which effectively ends my GC hopes unless I get in a major breakaway today and then ride the time trial of my life tomorrow.

Today is the longest stage at 100km, it has cobbles, pave and horrifically exposed sections where crosswinds could reek havoc although it is looking fairly calm at the moment. There is also a slight chance of rain which could cause some large crashes so i am hoping to hold a good position up the front of the race.