Yesterday I went to a lecture mainly based on nutrition but its other purpose was to make sure that the group of us who attended understood the physiological data that had been gathered in the testing a couple of weeks earlier. We had done two tests, a lactate threshold test and a max test. The important data that came out of this for me was that my max heart rate was 189 bpm which is rather slow and that my VO2 max is around 66 l/kg/min.

The nutrional information was very useful in giving us an idea about what to eat before and after a training session or a race, they believe in the glycaemic index for carb intake and they said that we should eat protein little and often in about a 2 hour time period roughly 50 grams of cooked fish. I would recommend the scientists at the University of Herfordshire as they really know what they are talking about.

Tomorrow I will be racing at Hillingdon again in the Elite 1,2 and 3 race. Last time I came twelfth which means that my overall standing in the series is 25th now. Hopefully i will be able to get some more points tomorrow.