The Eastern Region Road Race team had quite a lot of support for the junior tour of wales. Keele our soigneur had made us all the drinks for the afternoon and we knew that at the end of the stage Russell (our driver) would be there to pick us up.
Unusually for Wales it was very sunny for the start. We rolled out of the HQ for the Jersey presentation in the centre of Nantyglo. That done it was into the neutralised zone and as with everything else about this race it was a lot hillier than any other neutralised section I had ever experienced. A lot more down hill. The heads of the valley road is a steep downhill road that continues for 3 miles. We came down it at 45mph in a nervy bunch and when that was finally over the racing began. the 100 strong bunch was very hard to operate in meaning that our team could not get together. A break went off the front and quickly began to gain time. The course was rolling and on one of the uphill sections I made my way to the front. The break was gaining too much time and someone needed to chase. Unfortunately for the racxe at the large the yellow jersey leaders team would not work for him as they were a composite team with their own aims. I did some turns on the front but the teams with people in the break were doing to good a job of breaking up the work.

We reached the final climb of the day, another 5km mountain, and my legs left me. I’m a bit heavier than your average climber and the work I had been doing earlier on had taken a lot out of me. We hit the climb and 2km in I lost the front group. I finished 57th out of 106th which is good for me, but the rest of my team finished higher up putting us in a good place for the team classification. Each pedal stroke was an effort that would normally be your max. It just takes an amazing climb like that to make a race and after finishing I was happy that i had even competed. With injury ealier in the season just being selected for the team was a great acheivement