The second day of racing was set to be a hard one. As a team we left the hotel at 8:15 to arrive at the circuit to sign on and recce the course. The third stage was a closed circuit race around what was apparentely a caravan site and a golf course. The course includes a long (for where I live) hill with two hairpins and a sizeable descent.

As we rode round the first time we could see that despite the rain the previous night the course was dry apart from a 20 metre section before the finish. Here the water ran off the hill brining with it mud and dirt that flung up in our faces as we rode through. As with most criteriums the pace was fast from the outset. The hill really was a selection and on the 5th lap out of 10 I found myself too far back as a front group split from the peleton. We were down to around 50 rider from 100 with people being pulled ,after being lapped, all the time. I struggled on in a small group neither losing or gaining ground on those in front.

Suddenly there was a clash of wheels in the group ahead. Both the Green Jersey and the KoM jersey went down. We wound our way through the trffic that stopped to help them and it was not long before they were back up and riding with us. The KoM Chris Lawless rode straight through our bunch whilst the green jersey did not have enough energy to get back to the main group and so stayed with us. At the finish I was caked in mud, looking more like I had competed in a cyclocross race. I came in around 50th again for a discipline I am not very good at.

My lovely new socks took a battering