Having arrived the day before the team was prepared for the prologue. Unlike all of the other opening time trials I have ever done, this one was an uphill 8km slog to the top of Tumble mountain. Of the team I was the first to set off. With 20 seconds to go I pedalled backwards to set my pedals in position and my chain came off. I leapt off the bike fixed the chain and leapt back on just in time to start. My adrenaline surged and all thoughts of a controlled start to the time trial went out the window.

Smashing away from the start I went up the first hill at full out pace. Onto the flat I was straight onto my clip on aero bars. This is where the orbitsw TT bike would have been useful, a small descent went to the base of the climb. Turning the corner the 300 metre ascent started. Here was where I was glad I was on my road bike. Time trial bikes are not built for climbing and neither am I so my 65th position as I came over the top was an acheivement as the top 100 juniors in Great Britain compete at this event.

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