It was a good day for weather even if the wind did make it a bit cold at some points but otherwise the sun shone and we were warm. At 800m the course is an almost perfect square with tight right angle corners which are all left handers. The vets and 3/4 races took places and then it was the turn of the juniors. At the start I will estimate that there were around 18 of us. As is the nature of crit racing, the bunch blew apart and a select group of 8 were left. A Glendene rider broke free with around 5 laps to go and was chased by Hugo Robinson (National Junior CX champion). A huge chase was mounted to bring them back which left me (having just worked to bring the last break back) dangling off the back to finish eigth. Our specialist crit rider Tom rode to a solid fourth with Alex and George coming in just behind me.

The next race that I raced was the invitation B final. Along with me was Alex, George and Henry. Henry and george got bad starts (Henry grabbing for my handlebars instead of his own) but George clawed his way back gradually. Meanwhile at the front of the race Glendene and Hugo were once again putting the pressure on, setting up a two man break which was pursuied by a veteran rider. That left Alex and I, a Glenedene rider plus a few others in the chasing group. Suddenly everything slowed up and I saw my chance. I attacked and joined the veteran rider. It was a perfect scenario for an attack because Neither Alex or the glendene rider would chase and the others were all to tired to chase. I came in third with Alex riding to a 9th.

Tom rode in the invitation A final with the likes of Rapha Condor Sharp’s Dean Downing and Graeme Briggs. He rode to an impressive top ten finish in one of the fastest crits of the year.