An inevitable part of bike racing. At the Maldon CC road race I was riding along in the pack when two riders came together in front of me. I have no idea who they were or what happened but they came down on a straight fast part of the course.

With the crash around two bikes lengths ahead of me I managed to scrub my speed down to 27mph before I hit them. Then I had that moment where time seems to freeze. Three thoughts go through my head when I’m about to crash.

1) “Wow flying is fun!”
2) “This sailing through the air is quite nice, maybe when I hit the tarmac it won’t hurt that much”
3) “Don’t be stupid this is really going to hurt, tuck and roll!”
The problem was that today I forgot to tuck or roll. I landed sprawled out on my chest. My elbow and hip are badly bruised but thats all the damage. I came down at quite a speed but landed on a large area so was not that badly hurt. What really hurt was all the people falling on top of me.

Once my team mates had dug me out I retired. A combination of pain, tiredness from racing cross the day before and end of season lack of motivation just made it seem less than fun to carry on. I’m fine and so is my bike so all in all I came out of it rather well