Club 25TT
I rode over to this race as it was only around four miles away and as I did so I noticed that the wind was rather strong. Setting off I caught my minute man within the first two miles and was well on my way to setting a blistering time. The false imagination was torn away as I turned into the wind and was battered almost off the road. I crawled up the windy straight before turning off and completing another lap of the circuit which all added up to 25 miles.

I came in with a time of 59:44 which was under my target time off an hour. There is no way that without the Orbit Software bike that i would have been anywhere near that time. The winner from our club did a storming 58:58 but he did have me to chase!. Tom did a 59:31 and george did a 59:31. The best time came from somebody from another club who smashed the rest of us with a near course record time of 55:11