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I go to school in England and I am in my first year of A-level. About four years ago I started cycling. It was not anything serious, just another way for me to stay fit in the rugby off-season, but eventually I grew to like it more and more. Now I cycle at a high level in the UK and it is my main sport

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  1. Jul 28, 2013Cc hackney rr
    Jul 23, 2013Eastern region track champs 5th overall!!
    Jul 13, 2013K33/10 10 mile tt
    Jul 10, 2013Team pursuit training
    Jul 7, 2013VC Norwich RR 2013, lots of pain, very marginal gain
    Jul 5, 2013Track league rare success
    Jul 3, 2013Elveden race 5
    Jun 25, 2013Burgundy Holiday
    Jun 17, 2013Circuit of the Fens
    Jun 10, 2013Paul Simon homes rr